Hello Patients and Friends,

One of the most important and special things for me about practicing dentistry are the relationships and friendships we are so fortunate to form and how they allowed the joy to relate and add value to our lives and families. We have always taken the time and to personalize, customize the way we practice and the type of treatments that our patients desired and we all shared a passion for.

Not since the tragedies of Sept 11, and the days following, have our lives been so  altered by a single event. Similar to those somber days, we living here New Jersey have all unfortunately known a family or someone who has been affected in some way by this virus.

I hope also, that you have experienced knowing the relief and joy of a patient recovering and returning home!

Thanks and prayers must go out to our healthcare professionals and first responders. I am fortunate to have a number of these special heroes as patients and it is quite obvious the ways they are giving and sacrificing so very much during this crisis.

Try to get some exercise daily, get adequate rest, hydrate, and along with your comfort foods, eat leafy greens, take Vitamin D, and find a very funny movie to relax and cheer you.

Enjoy and hold your family close, even if the best you are able to do is a Face time session. Call an old roommate or friend.

I am so very grateful that so many of you have  reached out, visited and followed us to Parsippany. Please know that we do welcome ANY of our previous patients at ANY time in the future. We do think of you and miss you.

My cell in 201-572-7233. Call or text to speak with me directly. Teli-dentistry is in fact coming. We have been using cell phone cameras during this time to speak with patients and offer assistance.

Our office  has been observing  Covid protocols for all of our safety, and well being. We are in the process of having the entire staff vaccinated.

Again we are very grateful for all our  patients who have followed us, rejoined us and moved their records to Parsippany. It is during these times,  we think of so many patients who we have missed, or who are simply hesitant and fearful to venture out,  Please feel free to call even just to chat!


Ed and Kate Rockford

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.